Terms and condition

Rancho la Paz S.L.
Torreblanca s/n
29640 Fuengirola / Málaga

General Terms and Conditions
Date: 09.01.2015

The General Terms and Conditions are part of the contract between client and Rancho la Paz S.L.. The reservation just can be done in written form. Minors need the signature of a parent. By the reservation the client accepts this Terms and Conditions. All rights and responsibilities of both parts are exclusively arranged by these conditions and any changes need the written form. With the acceptation from Rancho la Paz S.L. the client get a written confirmation of the booked services. By all arranged activities the conditions of the competent company are valid.

After the receipt of the confirmation of booking, the client pays a first payment of 20% of the total amount on the account of Rancho la Paz S.L. The client gets a written confirmation of the receipt of payment. The rest of the payment can be done by money transfer to the account of Rancho la Paz till days before arrival (to bring the copy of the transfer) or directly after arrival cash or by VISA /MasterCard. By short time bookings and amounts less than Euro 200, – the given conditions in the confirmation of booking are valid.

All services are specified on the website from Rancho la Paz S.L. ( www.rancho-la-paz.com). Any changes or modifications need the written form.

Cancellation by client
The contract can be cancelled at any time before the program starts. The cancellation has to be done by written form. For charges and services in the run up done as the reservation of places Rancho la Paz S.L. charges the following cancellation rate:
From the day 20 to arrival forward = the 20% of the total amount, unless a rebooking in another program during one year.
Cancellation of booking by groups or special dates = the 20% of the total amount.
By non-appearance or cancellation at arrival day = 100% of the total amount.
The recessive client can be replaced by somebody else, if this person complies with all the requirements of the booked program without any charges.
By a rebooking in another program or another date during one year Rancho la Paz S.L. credits all received payments against the new booking.
By a break off the program the client has no requirements of not provided services. Rancho la Paz S.L. recommends a travel-cancellation-insurance.

Cancellation by Rancho la Paz S.L.
If the minimum of participants is not given Rancho la Paz S.L. has the right to cancel the contract till 14 days before arrival. All received payments get paid back immediately to the client or the client gets another program offered. Because of important organizational or private reasons Rancho la Paz S.L. can cancel or break off a program at any time. In this case the client has the right of compensation for not provided services, less cancellation rate. Any other compensation is excluded.
Does any of the participants not comply the requirements of the program or because of a wrong evaluation of his riding ability or because of health restrictions Rancho la Paz S.L. has the right to cancel the contract at any moment without previous notice.
If a client does not comply with the payment in due time or even after notice constrains the group or the program Rancho la Paz S.L. has the right to exclude him from the program without any compensation. The client comes up for his journey home. Rancho la Paz S.L. keeps the right of the complete amount.

Liability and exclusion of liability by Rancho la Paz S.L.
Rancho la Paz S.L. advises every client to the elevated risk that riding and horse handling holds. The participation of any activity is at ones own risk. Rancho la Paz S.L. and their employers disclaim any liability of lesions, accidents or material damage and the consequences. To assure against all possible risks is under the responsibility of the client. Rancho La Paz S.L. recommends insurances for accidents, illness, rescue, return transport and baggage that is valid in Spain.
Particularly because of weather conditions and the personal fitness of the participants Rancho la Paz S.L. can not guarantee the accurate realisation of the program as described. At the moment of planning of the program all available laws of traffic were observed. Rancho la Paz S.L. is not responsible for subsequent amendment.
Rancho la Paz S.L. is just intermediary of services buy third party (hotels etc) and is not liable for their adherence to the agreement.
If programs have to broken off because of the weather clients have no right of compensation. Rancho la Paz S.L. offers if possible an alternative program.
Rancho la Paz S.L. reserves the right to fold two programs if the minimum of particants is not given without previous advice.

Journey formalities / health
The client is the only responsible for his journey and all travel formalities and required vaccinations. Any costs and disadvantages caused by reneging on the formalities are at the expense of him.
The client confirms with his reservation that there are no healthy risks to participate in the program.

Any complaints have to be told immediately so the appropriate person can try to solve the problem. Any claims for compensation have to be put in till 30 days after departure by written form. Changes of programs or parts of them, mistakes and misprints excepted. The client commits to a loyal terms with the group and accepts any democratic decisions. Rancho la Paz S.L. can use the right of exclusion of a participant in the interest of the rest of the group or if the management of the program is at risk.