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Dear clients, due to the COVID situation, it becomes dificult for all of us to plan for future.Our weekly programs need a minimum of clients and a planing in advance. Cancellations and rebookings are disapointing for all of us – mostly for you. So we will plan in shorter advance to make them go out in 2022.

Get in contact with us if you have interest in a special date – perhaps already with some more friends and we will try to organize and push the date!!

TAPAS TRAIL 02.10. – 09.10.22 – fully booked
new dates soon

trail riding without packing bags

easy coming in a new way of riding

one day with the horses at the Atlantic beach

enjoying beautiful landscapes every day

tasting the typical Andalusian kitchen in small “ventas” on the way

Riding along the small villages in the inland, across old trade routes, beautiful mountain trips and the typical “tapas” – where local people go out for a meal

Our new Tapas Trail is made for all those who want to get in the “trail riding” enjoying changing landscapes on not too long riding days. So you have time to relax the afternoons. The first day you get used to your horse, the way of riding and the area. You will be impressed by the horses climbing in the mountains. The next day you can enjoy the sandy beaches at the Atlantic with your horse – an unique experience! And on your third riding day you start on to the Tapas Trail where we show you Andalusia far away from any tourism visiting the local taps bars.

You cross mountains with amazing views over to the costs of Africa, come trough rivers in between plantations of oranges, lemons and olives, following old nearly forgotten paths from town to towns…

1. Day: Arrival in Malaga and transfer to the Rancho La Paz. After dinner presentation of the tour.
2. Day: After a pleasant breakfast, you will for the first time have the opportunity to get to know the horses and the way of riding. Two rides, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, of around two
hours give you the opportunity to become familiar with the terrain and especially with the surefootedness of the horses and their performance in cross-country rides. Lunch and dinner will
both be served at La Paz.
3. Day: Straight to the highlight of your vacation. You will enjoy your beach ride on an endless and wide sandy beach. Directly after the breakfast the horses will be loaded on the horse carrier and you
will drive with a bus along the Costa del Sol. Passing Marbella and Estepona, the famous cliffs of Gibraltar and the strait, which allows unique views to the coast of Africa, if the weather conditions
are good. You will pass Tarifa and drive along the Atlantic Coast to Barbate. The wide, sandy beach will wait for you and, except in summer, you will only have to share it with some cows and
occasionally fishermen. With a view over the coast of Africa, you’ll reach Zahara de los Atunes, a former little fishing village, which still cultivates the tradition of fishing tuna. Here you will strengthen yourself thanks to a little rest, before you get the chance to enjoy the beach again and now and then you’ll use the vereas, the cattle drive paths of the red cows on your way back to Barbate. In
a small Venta, you will have the chance to enjoy local delicacies (lunch is not inclusive), before you are heading home to La Paz.
4. Day: Starting at La Paz we are heading for our tapas trail in the „Sierra de Mijas“. On wide paths we are climbing slowly but steadily at a height of around 800 metres above sea level, in steep sections it
is partially necessary to dismount and lead the horses. From the plateau you will have a breathtaking view. On one side you will see the Costa del Sol with its beaches and on the other side the
andalusian countryside starts, far off any tourism. The Sierra is a nature reserve not only offering stunning views but also mountain springs giving the chance for a short break to refresh the horses
and ourselves. The horses will stay overnight at the bottom of the mountain in paddocks at „Pinos de Alhaurin“, whereas we take for the first time the chance to visit a „venta“, typically small and
homely restaurants which had originally also tiny salesrooms offering the most urgent things of daily life. Ventas are venues for the locals, not only to eat but also to socialize. The food is traditional and local, often the „moms“ and „grandmas“ are working at the stove. Later on the dinner will be served at La Paz where you will also stay overnight.

5. Day: Today we leave the hectic everyday life behind us and ride through small villages and pass a lot of private and traditional fincas. Traffic jams in this area are mostly caused by sheep and goat herds,
showing that the clocks are ticking still slowly here. We will cross the small „Arroyo de Pedregal“ and start the modest ascent to the „Sierra Llana“. This mountain trail is quite short and not very steep
but scenically fantastic. After the descent we ride around the mountain using the old trade route „Almontaje“ until we arrive our today´s final destination. After taking care of the horses, we are
heading for a very special dinner at the venta „El Tintero de Campero“. The guests are nor ordering the dishes via a menu but the food is freshly prepared and will be touted by the waiters directly at the tables. Who shouts first will be served first. You will have the chance to try out a variety of delicious dishes.
6. Day: We finally leave the mountains behind and cross the „Rio Guadalhorce“. With its length of more than 160 kilometers it is the most important river in the province of Malaga, supplying the
surrounding areas with sufficient water for the agriculture and plantations, offering only few fords to cross the river. We will ride to the old village „Estación de Cártama “, in former times an important
place for trading in the region of Málaga. In this area the typical fruit cultivation and vegetable growing are still characterizing the landscape. Andalusia is especially well known for tasty oranges,
mandarins, lemons but also for olives, avocados and almonds. As sleeping place for the horses serves today the typical „Pena Caballista“, a small bar in the middle of the countryside, having
stables attached. The locals stop here for a drink during their horse rides, have a chat, normally having their drinks still sitting on the horseback.
7. Day: You have a beautiful last ride through the soft mountains, following the paths from the goats and enjoying the views over the Sierra, Malaga and the big port and the green area of the Guadalquivir. After having loaded the horses we visit our last venta ” Los cuatro vientos”.  Whenever you are looking for somebody of the area – you will them here. If you are interested in we can pass by one of our saddleries „Guarnicionaria Juan Zumaquero“ who offers stylish Spanish leather accessories,
beautiful souvenirs, and is a wonderful place to bring an impressive tour to a close.
8. Day: Transfer to the airport of Málaga and departure.
(Subject to modifications)



This program is for experienced riders who want to try the trail riding with the possibility to get used to horses and way of riding on two shorter rides the first day, who do not want to have too long riding days and want time to relax and enjoy local tapas .
This program can be combined with any program of La Paz.

Minimum of 6 clients to take place.
On arrival and departure is no riding program.

You ride with Andalusia mares and geldings in Spanish saddles with long stirrups and hackamore on one hand; a very easy and comfortable way of riding for riders and horses. You ride in walk or canter.
You should have good riding experience in country rides and be able to have a horse under control in all gates ( canters standing in the saddle) and be able to get on and off the horse without help.

Weight limit 95kg
About 4 to 5 hours riding every day.
On the trail you have to walk some parts (comfortable shoes)

Arrival and departure

With your booking you have transfers at given times from and to Malaga airport included. Special transfers (Euro 30,-) can be booked extra and give you more flexibility with your flight booking.


8 days / 7 nights in double room, single room with supplement, full board ( table wine included), one day with two rides of 2 hours, one beach day, 4 days of trail, German and English speaking guide, horse with equipment, transfers from and to Malaga airport at given times and during the program

Not included: Lunch on the beach day

Riding experience:

You are safe in the handling of a horse and have the necessary riding experience in outside rides to have your horse in all gates in a group safe under control, you can mount and dismount without help and you are able to stand up in the stirrups during the canters and longer climbing parts in the mountains to help your horse. Some parts you have to walk ( comfortable shoes)

The maximum weight of the rider is 95 kilos with complete riding clothes

About 4 – 5 hours riding per day

Price 2022

Rider: 990,- €
supl. single room: 105,- €

Dates Tapastrail 2022 – get in contact with us for “your” date and we will public it to make it go out.


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