Riding programs

Andalusia has always been a contry of horses

The white pearls in the Royal Riding School, the majestically adorned carriages at the Ferias, the renowned breeding of PRE horses where these horses grow up on endless estates, the Ferias and Romerias where hundreds of horses are traditionally ridden, are traditions that are passed down and cherished from generation to generation. But also the Vaquero horses that work daily on the large estates and with the herds, even in the most rugged terrain.

Here, the horse is part of everyday life – whether shining in the show, proudly at the Feria, or as a partner in work.

Andalusia is a land of extremes with a fantastic florescence in spring shining everything in rose, yellow and blue colours; a dry hot summer with thousands of brown notes all around and a winter with some strong rain changing soon to sunny days eliciting the first new green from the floor.

All this from the nicest perspective – the saddle of an Andalusia horse!