Individual beginner program

We are maintaining all prices for 2024!
Discover your passion for horseback riding in a relaxed atmosphere amidst beautiful scenery on our amazing Andalusian horses


You did hours and hours at the lunge with commands nobody understands and a formal atmosphere get you off the riding? At La
Paz you live directly in the world of horses. Instruction in safe ground handling and riding is taught in small group settings. Our horses are reliable and experienced trail horses and you’ll build faith in them immediately.
The good news: You only ride at walk or canter. Our way of riding, the Doma Vaquera is the similar style of the western riding – very comfortable for horse and rider while hacking out. The very comfortable spanish saddle gives you a firm seat. Maybe you cannot impress an experienced rider after this one week but you have had a lot of fun and what is most important, you will have gained faith and confidence on horseback!

Before you mount your horse on the first day the basics are covered. You get an introduction about the general handling of horses. How you approach a horse to gain its trust; how it reacts. The saddles are shown and explained to you. Then you’re ready to mount your horse for the first time and you will be surprised that it does not take that much to communicate with horses. After a few times you will get a feeling for the basic aids. How and why a horse turns in different directions… Now you are ready to discover the surroundings of the ranch on easy trails. Out in the countryside you are suddenly a lot more relaxed. You enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn very easily how to go with the movements of your horse. The trails are chosen according to your skills and confidence. But there is no need to worry – your horse also looks after you, forgiving small mistakes.
Surely after a few rides you feel firm enough to try a first canter on easy ways – the reins in one hand you have the other one free to hold on to the mane…
Also for all riders who are a bit afraid or insecure or those with some bad experience in the past this program is ideal to get some confidence in a small group with experienced horses.
If you already have some experience riding in the country but like to start it slowly you can switch to another riding group when you feel save enough for it                                 (Subject to modifications)

You can choose between a big riding package of 10 outside rides of about 1 or 2 hours each or the small package with 5 rides.

After arrangement we also offer riding lessons in different levels.
So you can combine your riding program completely on your own wishes.

But also for all those who just want to ride now and then the location of the ranch offers all kind of activities:

you are just about 10 minutes away from the animated Costa del Sol with sandy beaches, bars and restaurants. The small white villages with their handmade gifts and narrow valleys are accessible in about 30 minutes. But even the cultural sites as Ronda, Cordoba, Granada or Sevilla can be visited in about 2 hours driving on good streets. Torremolinos and Marbella invite with nightlife. Tarifa is a surfer paradise where they offer boat trips to dolphins and whale watching. From here you can also pass over to Tanger to visit Morocco. Jerez is famous for it’s Sherry but also for the Royal Riding School which you can visit even in the show or in the morning training.
Any kind of sport activities are offered at the coast and the surround of the ranch invites to long walks or mountain biking (rent a bike in Fuengirola)


This program is for everybody who is interested in exploring a bit the world of horses and those who want to get ( back) some confidence.

The beginner programs can be booked for days or weeks.

On arrival and departure is no riding program

You ride andalusian mares and geldings in spanish saddles with long stirrups and hackamore on one hand; a very easy and comfortable way of riding for riders and horses. You ride in walk or canter.
You do not need any experience even around as on the horse but should be in physical conditions to make this activity.
Weight limit 95kg with complete riding clothes

Arrival & departure

We offer pick ups from and to Malaga airport. (7.00h-20.00h for Euro 40,- / car and 20.00h-7.00h for Euro 50,- / car)

For all who want to explore a bit and have some sightseeing we recommend a rent a car for more flexibility – you often get very good offers with your flight booking or at Malaga airport


accomodation in double room, single room with supplement, full board ( table wine included) / breakfast as booked, rides of 1 – 2 hours in the mornings and / or afternoons as booked, German and English speaking guide, horse with equipment

Not included -´personal insurences ( riding is, as all kind of sports, on our own risk and you should have a valid accident insurence)

You can arrange your holiday completely individual:
We offer double rooms and single rooms (single rooms with supplement) and also a few rooms with three beds. If you travel alone and do not want to book the single room with supplement we offer half double rooms which you share with another client.
You can book your stay just with breakfast if you want to discover the surrounds and spanish kitchen (of course you can also book the meals here on side).
Or you book your stay with full board.

The riding program can be chosen

between the big riding package with 10 outside rides of one or two hours

or the small riding package with 5 rides  of one or two hours


Prices  2024
accomodation per person in (half) double room
high season low season accomodation with breakfast accomodation with full board
01.01.2024 – 03.03.2024

50,-€ / night

350,- € / week

85,-€ / night

595,- € / week

03.03.2024 – 20.10.2024

59,-€ / night

413,- € / week

94,-€ / night

658,- € / week

20.10.2024 – 31.12.2024

50,-€ / night

350,- € / week

85,-€ / night

595,- € / week

single room suplement: 18,- € / night (both seasons).

Riding programs  2024
The booked riding package is part of the booking and not transmitable to other clients.
Small riding package with 5 rides of about 1 hour 165,-€
Small riding package with 5 rides of about 2 hours 240,-€
Big riding package with 10 rides of about 1 hour 310,-€
Big riding package with 10 rides of about 2 hours 460,-€


On side you can upgrade your riding program at La Paz

outside ride of about 2 hours 50,-€
riding lesson of  30 minutes after agreement 30,-€
riding lesson of 1 hour after agreement 50,-€