Thanks that we may welcome 2022 – we are waiting for you!!

Two tulent years are behind us – I did not post a lot about as everything was very uncertain and in short time….
Two years when nothing is as before but life goes on…
Two years when La Paz, up on the mountain and in the middle of the campo, became even more to an oasis of calm. Just desconect and be – where better than in a saddle, in the campo, under the sun and with great views…
THANKS to all of you, who have been with us all this time, being convinced that everything goes on and who made us even more aware, that La Paz is a very special peace of earth!
I am sitting here over the dates 2022 and I am looking forward to it! Waiting for all of you!

after high summer we start the trail season again – here you have the overview…

high summer in Andalusia is going by now and we start our trail season again …

Andalusia in one week on hosre back: Sandy beaches, pine forrest, opened fields, beauty horses and black bulls, lost mountains and protected natural parcs

we have for any wish,  experience and condition the right program ( please check the complete description of the programs here on this website)

Here we give you an overview of the still free places of the long trails :

Schnuppertrail 11.09.16 – 18.09.16

Zaharatrail 24.09.16 – 01.10.16

Schnuppertrail 25.09.16 – 02.10.16

Zaharatrail 01.10.16 – 08.10.16

Schnuppertrail 09.10.16 – 16.10.16

Rondatrail 16.10.16 – 23.10.16

Schnuppertrail 23.10.16 – 30.10.16 ( for complete group)

Rondatrail 30.10.16 – 06.11.16

Zaharatrail 05.11.16 – 12.11.16

Schnuppertrail 13.11.16 – 20.11.16


for any questions feel free to send a mail

¬†we are waiting for you…

noch freie Plaetze auf den Andalusientouren


weite Sandstraende, schattige Pinienwaelder, offene Weiden mit den bekannten schwarzen Stieren, unendliche Felder und krasse Berglandschaften¬†unter Korkeichenwaeldern – Andalusien bietet einem jeden Tag eine andere Landschaft !! Und unsere Pferde zeigen sie Euch aus der schoensten Perspektive…

noch haben wir auf einigen Touren freie Plaetze:


ZAHARATOUR: 30.07.16 – 06.08.16 oder 27.08.16 – 03.09.16 oder 01.10.16 – 08.10.16


RONDATOUR: 29.05.16 – 05.06.16 oder 04.09.16 – 11.09.16 oder 16.10.16 – 23.10.16